The Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

cassioaudiHard rock music legend, Cassio Audi, is both a native and a legend in Brazil. He made history by being one of the first heavy metal drummers to inspire massive sounds across the globe. Audi began performing and gaining popularity in the nineteen eighties and performed his music under the pop and rock genres. He stayed popular and performed well into the late nineteen nineties.

In the beginning of his music career, Cassio Audi helped to form the band Viper which stayed together from the year 1985 until 1987. During his short time with the band Viper, the musician released two albums namely the Krillera Sword in 1985 and Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987; some of the key songs on the album included Wings of the Evil, The Law of The Sword, Knights of Destruction, The Whisper, Killers, and Signs of The Night. On top of being a world renowned drummer, On top of being their drummer, Cassio Audi was also an incredible singer in the band Viper, and demanded much respect from across the globe.

Due to his incredible talent, Cassio Audi is considered one of the biggest hard rock drumming legends to this day. The musicians raw skill played a vital role in helping him bring together other key artists such as Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Andre Matos, to create his legendary band, the Vipers. Together, the band performed British heavy metal while also being instrumental in ushering in new heights of heavy metal music to the world.

Audi’s time in the music industry was unfortunately a short career. The mere fact that he became a world revered legend in only, roughly ten years, speaks volumes to how well he perfected his craft in such a short time. After his few years of fame, Audi laid down his drumsticks for the last time, and began a career in finance. Though he left his rock star life in his past, Cassio Audi remains a heavy metal drumming legend. and stays in the Hall of Fame not only in Brazil, but globally.

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