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Syracuse Fraternity Suspended For Insensitive Video

While most every college student in the United States of America doesn’t join a fraternity or sorority, tens of thousands of college kids join Greek organizations for various reasons: some like to be well-connected to other successful or well-networked people later in life, whereas others just might want to have fun, or meet friends at a school where they’re not familiar with anybody else from previous stages in life.

Even though fraternities and sororities can help college graduates find employment in areas easier, especially those involved in the governance of such groups, fraternities, particularly, around the nation have had a bad reputation for decades of engaging in general debauchery. While it doesn’t always have a victim – if there is a victim, it’s usually just the livers of those who consistently drink to excess throughout the school year.

According to Syracuse University, a fraternity was suspended earlier this week after it was found responsible with coming up for the idea for and later shooting a video that involved a skit in which young, recently-announced members of the fraternity were effectively spit-roasted.

Unfortunately, with as much political correctness as there is in today’s general climate, especially around some college campuses, making such jokes that might have ticked off a few people that would largely fly clear over the head of angriness of most people simply aren’t as carefree anymore.

The fraternity released an official statement of apology on Friday, April 20, 2018, stating in part that, “This event was never intended to be centered around racism and hate.”

Now, if all members of that Syracuse University fraternity were accepting of the video, it would almost certainly have flown under the radar. However, because it was shared with people around campus, and, especially now, around the nation, the fraternity has found itself in loads of trouble.

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