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Arizona Educators Plan Walkout

The public education industry in the United States has been one of the more controversial industries over the past decade. While most people would agree how important it is, there continues to be a shortfall of available capital to support it. This leads to lack of resources for the school and lower incomes for teachers. Because of this, many school districts across the country have had to deal with teacher strikes as teachers continue to fight for higher compensation and more resources.

While there have been many local strikes over the past few years, most have not expanded beyond individual districts. However, one state appears to be on the verge of a major strike that could put the entire system in jeopardy ( In the state of Arizona, teachers have voted to have the first-ever walkout that will take place on a statewide level. The vote was held about one week ago and was a joint effort between the Arizona Education Association and the Arizona Educators United organization.

Overall, more than 57,000 teachers and other educators showed up to vote on the issue. In total, more than 78% of voters ended up voting in favor of the walk out, which could be held within the next week. Overall, there are many demands that are being discussed that could have an impact on whether the schools will be closed in the near future.

Most of the demand has to do with resources to the school. One of the organizations is demanding that the funding levels are increased back to levels where they were about 10 years ago and that class sizes are capped at a more reasonable level. The union and teacher’s association is also demanding that they receive a 20% raise over the next few years, which will include a 9% raise in the next 12 months.

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