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Students In A Massachusetts Preschool Can’t Say “Best Friend” Anymore

Think back to your childhood, whether that’s three years of age, of a ripe, big-boy-esque 10 years of age, imagine fights that you got into with some of your closest friends. Even if they were just verbal disagreements that left one or both of you guys or gals ticked off, they probably happened more times than one could reasonably keep up with – if they even remember in the first place.

Those people that we all too often got in fights within our younger years were likely our so-called best friends, even though you certainly didn’t treat one another as best friends truly should – but that’s just part of childhood.

According to news from Pentucket Workshop Preschool, an early childhood educational institution in Massachusetts, no attending children are reportedly able to call one another “best friend,” because it’s said to make their fellow students feel like they’re excluded.

While that certainly can, in fact, be the case, it seems nothing less than ridiculous to enact such a rule, not to mention police it with tens of screaming children running around faster than most daycare teachers can.

Most schools, including preschools like the controversial Massachusetts early childhood education facility, have handbooks, some more detailed than others, that outline what is and what isn’t acceptable, grading policies, rules on attendance, and decrees on virtually everything else related to school behavior and conduct.

However, the aptly-named “best friend policy” isn’t named in that early childhood education business’ handbooks, and seems to be something recently made up by one or more of the teachers at the preschool.

The mother of the child that originally came forward with such a report recently reported that she was against the policy and will certainly be removing her from attendance and enrollment at the preschool immediately.

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