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95 Percent of U.S. Principals Say Kids Spend Excessive Time On Devices

Here in the United States, some nine out of every ten people of reasonable age own and operate at least one account on a social media platform. Social media can be entertaining, and all, but it, in most people, seems like they’re more plugged into their devices than what’s going on inside their bodies.

Whether you are guilty of spending too much time on your mobile devices, tablets, and other tech devices, or not, it doesn’t take much thinking to realize just how popu1ar screens are in today’s world. While having the answer to virtually every question in the world at one’s fingertips is cool and all – Google – or being able to get in contact with just about anybody that has either a mobile phone or the ability to connect to the Internet, some kids are guilty of spending too much time on such devices, which are proven to be as addictive as hard drugs.

Maybe not as physically dangerous as hard drugs, but certainly as mentally addictive as them.

Recently, a survey conducted by Education Week Research Center found that a whopping 95 percent of all principals across the United States thought that children spent too much time on their various devices when outside of school.

As such, it might not make sense to lean on technology as much during school hours, seeing as it only gives students a chance to be around their precious devices. According to Summerlyn Thompson, the principal of Johnson Elementary School in Charlottesvilla, Virginia, handfuls of students consistently arrive at school after having little to no sleep, made evident by their facial expressions and performance in class.

She shared once that, “I’ve had to tell kindergarten parents to take the television out of their kids’ rooms.”

Will kids listen? No. Hopefully parents will.

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