Kennedy Accounts are Real and Legit as Jeff Yastine Shows

Even if you are an investor, a 100% returns on investment is a bit scary and unrealistic at times. This is what happened when Jeff Yastine, a respected financial reporter announced Kennedy accounts. Coupled with lack of knowledge of how the accounts make money, people viewed it as an online scam, claims which have turned to be untrue. Explaining how they work, Jeff Yastine who works as an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing, said they deliver their name from a law passed during President J.F Kennedy’s administration. Read this article at

However, due to big cartels on the Wall Street, companies have been hidden from the light of allowing their investors to buy stocks using these accounts. These cartels have sought legal means prohibiting firms that offer direct purchases using Kennedy accounts from informing the general public. Registered as direct stocks purchase plan, the Kennedy accounts allow its holders to buy stocks at a discount, meaning they will get higher returns than the average market gain. Direct purchase saves in brokerage fees and together with purchase discounts, the accounts are justified to accrue the high returns Jeff Yastine ascribes to them.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine works as the editor of the weekly newsletter, Total Wealth that outlines profitable opportunities for general public investors. He has over 20 years as a stock market investor who took notice of global trends and markets. His 20 years’ experience as a financial journalist has allowed him to garner a wealth of knowledge from popular entrepreneurs and financiers. He worked at PBS from 1994-2010 anchoring the Nightly Business Report. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

He reported on investment issues such as the how companies perform turnarounds in different financial situations, how to recognize small-cap growth stock, in addition to the development and collapse of the real estate industry in the 2000s. Jeff Yastine investigative story on the bad state of infrastructure (dams, roads, and bridges) in America earned him an Emmy Award Nomination in the category of Business and Financial Reporting.

He pointed out the acquisitions and mergers offers a good way of investing saying 2018 will see more of such a trend, especially in the retail sector. He noted that companies have been trying to compete with Amazon and expect any fruitful competition to stem from acquisitions and mergers. Jeff quotes eBay as a possible merger with Google. This follows eBay’s big warehouse network and Google’s quest for online technology and electronics that could compete well with Amazon. He noted Kroger Co. is another possible company that can compete with Amazon owing to its 3,000 stores distributed across the US.


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