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OSI Group President David McDonald Emphasizes That The Company’s Success Is Largely Due To Forging Valuable Partnerships:

David McDonald serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer for the global food processing and custom food solution firm OSI Group, LLC. OSI is ranked in the top 100 of U.S. food companies and is a global leader in providing food solutions to the retail and foodservice industries. David has been with OSI Group since his graduation from Iowa State University in 1987 when he came on board in the role of project manager. David’s initial task while working for OSI was to serve as a project manager and work on expansion projects in Latin America and Asia. Expansion has been a constant priority for OSI Group during its 100 plus years in operation and that trend continues to date. It goes without saying that as President and Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald continues to play a huge role in this company expansion. He has recently been quite proud of OSI expansions in Europe as well as the opening of OSI’s tenth facility in China.

The acquisitions of Baho Food and Flagship Europe in OSI’s European market have been huge for the company. The European market is critical for OSI’s success and gaining control of two amazing operations like these only raises the company’s already impressive profile. Baho Food is a Dutch food wholesaler with facilities in Germany and the Netherlands and a reach that stretches across much of the European continent. Flagship Europe is a United Kingdom-based speciality food distributor. Flagship will be rebranded under the name Creative Foods Europe. David McDonald is thrilled with these valuable acquisitions and has expressed that they give OSI a much broader reach across Europe as well as perfectly complimenting the company’s processing strengths. OSI expects that these acquisitions will be great bargaining chips for adding valuable new corporate customers to the OSI base.

David McDonald was recently featured in an interview with Inspirery. In the interview, David opens up about his career with OSI Group. He talks about how he joined OSI when he graduated college and worked his way up through the ranks to attain his current position. David believes that what makes OSI Group successful is the company’s commitment to family values and its ability to create valuable partnerships. The company excels at creating partnerships with companies that are familiar with the local market and OSI trusts these partners and the knowledge they possess regarding their regions of the world. This results in OSI having a high level of understanding of regional tastes and cultures. This is one of the many reasons that OSI Group has over 80 facilities operating in 17 countries worldwide.

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