Teachers Spending Significant Amounts Out of Pocket to Help Students

This week, the National Center For Education Statistics issued a report on teachers spending their own money to purchase school supplies. The results of the survey were surprising in many ways. The survey found that 94 percent of the teachers in the United States were spending their own money to purchase school supplies and other […]... Read More

Bill Gates Donates over $40 Million to Influence State Education

The Associated Press reported that Bill Gates’s charity has donated $44 million to organizations since 2016 in an effort to influence states’ education agendas. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation channeled the funds into research in favor of Gates’s interests, purchased positive media releases and influenced Tennessee’s new education plans. The donations began after the […]... Read More

Most Teachers Purchase Their Own School Supplies

The average teacher spent nearly $500 on school supplies during the 2014 to 2015 school year. Seven percent of teachers spend more than $1,000 on school supplies. Teachers spend more money when they work in a high-poverty school than in a wealthier school. Fifty percent of public schools are eligible for the free lunch program. […]... Read More

Freedom Checks, as Matt Badiali puts it, is a plan worth exploring

Freedom Checks, as Matt Badiali puts it, is a plan worth exploring. The most significant trend nowadays on the internet is the increasing trend of advertisements of job opportunities where one is offered large sums of money for very minimal work input. Majority of these adverts have proven to be nothing less than a scam. […]... Read More

Talkspace Helping People Receive Online Treatment for Mental Health Issues

Living with anxiety is difficult, and it can lead to numerous physical as well as mental health conditions. The person with anxiety can start to develop heart conditions and have irregular blood circulations that can further lead to blood sugar spikes and other physical issues. The concern might seem like a minor mental health issue […]... Read More