Sex Education Curriculum Causes Stir In Fremont, California

In society, hot-button topics – most of which center around politics, at least in today’s world – have always existed throughout human history. One such controversial topic is sex education in schools.

Fremont, California, a small town near the San Francisco Bay Area, is home to such discussion. Parents of children enrolled in the Fremont, California, school system are becoming vocal about their views on full-fledged sexual education to children ranging from grades 4 through 8.

The Fremont school board held a parent meeting on March 14, 2018. Slightly more than 60 speakers were present, with a majority of participants supporting school lessons regarding puberty, health, and sexuality. Such curriculum also focuses on sexual orientation and gender, during parts of the nearly-all-inclusive course.

Parents that don’t want their children to be directly exposed to such information can simply write notes, emails, or call in and opt out of such material.

Lesson plans are directly based on Advocates for Youth’s “3 R’s”: Rights, Respect, and Responsibility. Boys and girls will be taught together, helping them develop bases of knowledge that are well-rounded, not just tailored to their own genders and leaving them clueless of the other gender.

Trustees at the parent-teacher conference didn’t respond to any questions, claims, or suggestions made by audience members, as such curriculum was not on their agenda. They could, however, spawn an interim meeting with parents and teachers alike, for all-around discussion.

Sexual education courses will begin instruction during April, unless trustees collectively decide to get rid of such lessons.

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