Connecticut Cut Education Funding, Localities Cut Budgets, Now They’re Getting Penalized

All across the nation, states and localities are finding funding for education dry up, leaving children fewer resources to work with, learn from, and better their future prospects of success.


Such has recently played out in the state of Connecticut.


Last November, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy cut a whopping $58 million from the state’s budget, which would have gone solely to Connecticut education aid, distributed throughout 130 localities and their education systems.


Shortly thereafter, Connecticut state government officials passed on to superintendents around the state that school districts weren’t allowed to cut their own budgets excessively, as defined by the state administration. Those that did would face penalties.


Six localities throughout Connecticut have been deemed as cutting their own budgets in response to November’s news that the state would lose $58 million in education funding. What else can they do, borrow money and rack up excessive debt? Pay high interest rates?


The only viable option is for such places to cut budgets, or to tax their community members excessively to make up for the state’s deficits.


Those six local governments are identified below, as are their corresponding threatened penalties:



  • Montville wanted to cut budgets by a measly 3 percent, and was handed down notification of a $355,000 penalty.


  • Canterbury cut 5 percent, was subsequently awarded a penalty of $502,000.


  • Southington planned to slice budgets by 3 percent, is now facing a penalty of $3.2 million.


  • Groton is faced with penalties of $3.1 million from a planned expenditure cut of just 2 percent.


  • Watertown vied to cut funds by 4 percent, is now confronted with fines of $2 million.


  • Killingly, last but certainly not least, is potentially afcing penalties of $7.9 million on cuts just short of 10 percent.



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