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Talk Fusion’s New Mobile App Delivers On Its Promises

Many companies out there claim that they can help out small businesses and make them more efficient and profitable. But can they really do what they say? One company that has been making a splash in the video marketing space is Talk Fusion.


Their claim to fame is their Video Suite offering. They focus on video marketing and their products really do make things easier for small and medium-sized businesses who may not have the budget or personnel to have their own marketing department.


Why Video Matters

Consumers respond to video more than they do to the written word lately. With more and more people consuming information on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, it is easier to watch a video than read a 1,000-word article.


Because of this shift in behavior, it is imperative that smart businesses devote more time and energy to video marketing. This is where Talk Fusion enters the picture.


They offer a slew of tools for businesses to harness the power of video. Not the least is their Vide Email platform. This allows businesses to send high-quality videos to their email list and make more sales.


New Mobile App

The company’s new mobile app, Fusion on the Go, puts the power of video marketing in the palm of your hand. With many new features and functions, any business can maintain the competitive edge and carve out a bigger market share.


The app is available for both Android and iOS so all employees can take part no matter what kind of device they have.


Users can send video emails to clients and prospects directly from their devices to keep in contact and nurture the prospect along the buying path.


By using video, any company can gain the recipient’s attention and increase engagement with a traditional text email. If the company’s video messages provide valuable information and are even the slightest entertaining they will have a large advantage over the competition.


With its new offering, Talk Fusion has hit a home run and will continue to dominate the video marketing space.


More About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is operating in more than 140 countries and has its products marketed by independent associates in those countries. The company has received many awards for its technology including the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year and the 2016 Communications Product of the Year. Learn more:


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