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How Talkspace Can Provide A Cost-Effective Way To Have A Licensed Mental Health Counselor

There are a number of differences between complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and standard PTSD. People living with either experience flashbacks which can cause their palms to sweat and their heart to race among other things. It is common for people with PTSD regardless of whether their case is common or complex.

With standard PTSD it occurs because of one specific event in their lives. They could have been violently assaulted or gone through an earthquake, for instance. However, people who experience continuous stresses can develop Complex PTSD. Their symptoms are even more intense than those who have standard PTSD. Some therapists and mental health researchers think that Complex PTSD is different enough from Standard PTSD that it should have its own diagnosis.

Talkspace is an app where people can text a therapist about their mental health problems. Once matched up with a therapist, which doesn’t take too long, they can establish a relationship with them to work through their issues. Talkspace allows people to text their therapist at any time and when the therapist gets back to them they will provide advice or get more information. Sometimes these conversations occur in real time as the user and the therapist send texts back and forth to one another.

Cost is another area where Talkspace helps people. Traditional therapy is only sometimes covered by insurance, depending on the insurer. The cost of this ranges from $20 to $250 for each appointment. Talkspace, though, is just $25 a week. And, people are matched up with a licensed mental health counselor. This means that they have a Master’s degree as a therapist, have passed a licensing exam, and have spent at a minimum 1,500 hours with patients.

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