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The Life and Career of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci was raised in a loving and humble background. He lost his father when he was ten years old, so his mother would provide for the family. His opportunities enlarged when he started selling computer parts. He got married and was blessed with three gorgeous daughters.

After the invention of the internet and the dot-com crash of 2000 came into existence, his business dropped massively to the extent of losing everything.He was only left with his family. His friend urged him to visit the seminar that concerned real estates, that’s where his dreams changed, and he ventured into the business. He spent a decade to invent a system that allowed him to make money in the real estate.

Nick Vertucci has an academy where he teaches people how to conquer challenges of day to day operations. His team also helps the students nourish themselves, find deals, and repair the property to sell finished projects. Nick and the team are also dedicated to helping their students succeed through guidance and support. The academy offers specific covers such as wholesaling and flipping contracts, rehabbing, and flipping properties, buying and holding properties for long-term cash flow, commercial investments, leveraging your IRA to fund your expenditures, asset protection and much more.

Nick Vertucci has personally helped people get out of debt by the inventing his own system of investment. He has also made students make cash and transform people’s families for good through his hard work. The society is grateful for his accomplishment in creating jobs for the community. All students know their purpose and have achieved their goals through the assistance of Nick and his team. Without Nick, so many dreams could have gone unrealized.

Nick Vertucci is personally grateful for his friend who took him to the real estate seminar. He notes that were it not for them, he could not have come up with such ideas of making a system that works so flawlessly. He urges people not to give up on their careers as success lies ahead of a series of misfortunes and failures. Nick’s community of investors and private lenders are raising millions to fund his students’ real estate deals each month.

Although real estate is around us almost everywhere we go, there still linger many misunderstandings when it comes to the industry. Occasionally, some of these misunderstandings influence the decisions of sellers and buyers without any real grounding in reality, results-based testing, or experience of professionals. It is the job of a real estate agent to clear the fog and help them distinguish between what is true and untrue about the nature of real estate and the transactions of homes between buyer and seller. It is the job of a real estate agent to make this process and transition as smooth as possible. Nick Vertucci is still perplexed that most homeowners are ignorant of certain processes that ensure the precision of a transaction, whether it be through marketing techniques for showcasing the home or preparing a realistic timeline for a sell or a buy. The truth is often counterintuitive, and that’s what Nick Vertucci intends to elucidate for his students and clients.

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV Real Estate, a man who started his life in humble beginnings. He grew up in a family living paycheck-to-paycheck, just barely making ends meet. From a young age, Vertucci learned the value of money. Tragically losing his father at the age of 10 years old, by the time he was 18 he started his own computer accessory business. However, his successful business came quickly to an end as the dot-com bubble loomed and crashed. Pushed to wit’s end and mired in debt and stress, he nearly lost his home. Regardless of adversity, Vertucci enrolled in a real estate academy that later inspired his venture into the real estate business. He served as a police officer for 18 years saving lives, and after that decided to save financial lives through his real estate academy. He teaches what he learned through financial strife, running and founding one of the best real estate academies in the United States.

The following is a list of common myths and misconceptions about real estate that Nick Vertucci clears up for his students and clients:

Open Houses

Mr. Vertucci says that most sellers in real estate put too much emotional investment on how many people came to an open house. According to Vertucci, we need to teach sellers that qualified buyers typically come with agents, and not at an open house as most people think. In reality, open houses are often visited by people who live nearby or are just interested in looking inside. Think about it: How many times have you been in an open house with no intention of purchasing the property? In fact, most people who attend open houses do not plan to purchase the house. Vetrucci suggests we find more efficient ways to entice potential buyers. He suggests we think outside the open house.

Home Inspection

Mr. Vertucci always advises his sellers to get an inspection before the home is listed and to fix problems before the house is on the market. He thinks this is important for several reasons. First of all, there’s nothing worse than having agreed to a price and then suddenly have to pay for an expensive repair that you were not aware of. Secondly, the seller, if the repair is troublesome enough, may decide to walk away from the deal and another buyer will have to be found. So, he advises that the seller always give both the proof of inspection and repair to a prospective buyer. Vertucci claims that this also breeds trust, an important part of the transactional process. Still, however, most sellers will skip the inspection or save it for later, which, not known to them, runs counter to their interests. Invest in a home inspection, admonishes Vertucci.

Preparing for a Sale

Most people, according to Mr. Vertucci, get a late start on cementing a listing price, meeting agents, and having a timeline for what to do to prepare for a sale. He advises that one should always begin preparing months in advance so there is a fair amount of time to complete everything that needs to be done. It’s important to not take this process lightly, even if it is easy to brush aside. These decisions can affect the price that a home will sell for, usually in the thousands of dollars. It’s difficult to keep this in mind, but it’s necessary to stay vigilant, on task, organized, and efficient when preparing for a sale.

The Efficacy Of Staging, Cleaning Up, and Renovation

Vertucci claims that swaths of sellers are neither willing nor motivated to stage their home. He thinks this presents a serious problem. Sellers would rather stay on the market for a longer period of time in addition to selling it for less, as opposed to paying for their home to be well-staged. But this would not be to their advantage. Vertucci advises his sellers to be mindful of the future and to sacrifice the small cost of staging and renovation services as opposed to having their homes sell for less than they are worth. He thinks that if your home is disorganized, or has old furniture, etc. then it will affect the decision of buyers. The charm of an orderly, well-furnished home is not quantifiable in terms of how much more it will make a home worth; however, this does not mean it has no effect on the price. In fact, Vertucci thinks that it has a huge impact. This is because buying a home is often an emotional decision, he explains, and buyers are not able to differentiate between the objective cost of the property and the way it looks or makes them feel. This is why Nick Vertucci has said time and time again that one ought to invest a little into the presentation of a listed house.

The Problem with Condos

Vertucci thinks that one should be extra careful with condos. It’s no coincidence that there are frequently problems with financing condominiums that someone wants to buy or sell. Since condo complexes are not all treated, managed, or maintained the same way, it is easy to miss a simple item on a conforming loan checklist. After that, the deal is done for. Vertucci does not advise alternative financing because it is through-the-roof expensive and often not available. Be careful with condos, warns Vertucci.

County Appraisal District’s Evaluation

Mr. Vertucci often remarks how stunned his clients are when he informs sellers of the county appraisal district website’s square footage of the house. Since the sales price is valued by multiplying the area sold by the price per square foot, having a calculated and adjusted square footage of the house can get a lot more money into the seller’s hands. If a seller is careful and accurate in the methods they use to measure the square footage of the house, the more than can generate a realistic expectation for what the value of the house will be when it hits the market. Mr. Vertucci prides himself on maximizing the ceiling of possibility for a sale.

Attachment to Homes

Vertucci often explains that sellers who have lived in a particular home for many years develop a strong, unique attachment to the place. So, they frequently misunderstand and underestimate the cost of repairs as well as the need for repairs. How could there be anything wrong with a place they feel such a strong attachment to? To homeowners, it’s perfectly acceptable, because it’s acceptable to them. It is easy and understandable to see how and why homeowners act this way. Many of us would act similarly ourselves if we were in the same situation. But this does not excuse us from ignoring the advantage of thinking more deeply about the issue and remaining objective about a home’s value. The problem and the downside to this type of attachment is that sellers learn the hard way that it isn’t them that determine the price of the property, but instead a colder, more calculating force. The market determines a home’s value, Vertucci explains. And usually, this is not a sentimental judgment but an objective one. Vertucci advises sellers that it is important to have a realistic idea of what their house is worth if they want to learn how to increase its value. People should remain wary of their attachment to homes.

Everyone is Special

Mr. Vertucci often explains that a homeowner’s vision of their house is nearly always at odds with what it is in reality. Given human psychology and our fondness for familiarity, this is no great revelation. Everyone has the most interesting life, everyone’s children are the best children, my baby is the cutest baby, and everyone, of course, has the best, most loving spouse or partner. Vertucci says we all live within our own biases. Homeowners are no different. However, the fundamentals of economics, supply and demand, are what generate real and actual value. How it is decorated, how much time and effort one spent putting into it, and all the positive memories one had there, are not relevant factors in determining the price of a home. He thinks this is an obvious point; however, it is not only hard to see past one’s own judgments, but also to act contrary to them, and this is where it helps to stay detached by having professional advice or encouragement.

The Costs of Updating a Home

Home renovation is an unfortunate byproduct of the transactional process, Vertucci says. Usually, people are daunted by the entire notion of ‘remodeling’ or ‘renovation’. Often, the costs are not even seen, it causes an unwanted disruption to the process and procedure, and it is a pain to locate the best people to hire, and the time and pain it takes to finish can remain daunting. He thinks that creating a layer of transparency to the process with buyers is key. On the one hand, the seller is doing everything they can to provide a valuable home, and in doing so is transparent. Transparency builds trust, which is key to any home transaction, and if that trust is violated, then the potential buyer may well walk away. These are the benefits of updating a home.

Mr. Vertucci is the CEO and founder of the NV Real Estate Academy. He is also the host of Southern California’s number one real estate investing radio show called “The Real Estate Investing Hour”.

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