Oklahoma Legislature Passes Additional Education Funding

All this week, public school teachers in the state of Oklahoma have been on strike, and students have had some unexpected time off. The reason for the teacher walkout is due to the fact that the teachers want the state to provide additional funding for education programs. The teachers are also seeking an additional pay […]... Read More

OSI group, taking the food industry by storm

Managing to steer any business to a global level has never been a walk in the park. There are so many obstacles that often lie in the path such as government regulations of different countries, cultural impact, marketing problems among many others. The scenario is even worse if the business operates under the food industry […]... Read More

Need a Job? Become a Big City School Superintendent

If you glance at the help wanted ads in Washington D.C., Oklahoma City, Houston, Seattle and Las Vegas, you might notice a similar help wanted ad. These communities are all looking for school superintendents. While the pay often ranges up to $500,000 a year, there is a shrinking pool of candidates interested in accepting the […]... Read More

Ian King: The Story Of The Cryptocurrency Expert

With more than 20 years experience in analyzing and trading in the financial market, Ian King is a reputable cryptocurrency trader. His in-depth insight has spotlighted on platforms such as Fox Business News, Seeking Alpha,Zero Hedge, Investopedia. Aside from working in the capacity of Banyan Hill Publishing’s Senior Analyst, Ian had also designed the first […]... Read More

Oklahoma Governor’s Remarks About Teacher Strike Sparks Outrage

Children living in the state of Oklahoma have seen Spring Break come and go about two weeks ago. That being said, these children are currently in the midst of a break that wasn’t scheduled to happen. These events started as Oklahoma teachers assembled together to start a walkout of their own. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin […]... Read More

High Profile Education Act Now Foundering Under Policy Disputes

A landmark measure known as ESSA that swept into American public education policy in 2015 was backed by an unusual embrace of bipartisan support from Congress – but many problems have emerged since the plan has had time to be implemented. ESSA is the Every Student Succeeds Act. It returned a large amount of the […]... Read More