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West Virginia Teachers To Receive A Five Percent Raise

West Virginia Teachers recently ended a nine-day strike. The teachers were on strike because they felt that they were not being compensated fairly. The lawmakers finally agreed to give the teachers a 5 percent pay raise. When the teachers found out that they were getting a raise, they started saying “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

West Virginia teachers are among the lowest-paid in the country. Danielle Harris is one of the teachers that took part in the strike. She stated that this is exactly how a democracy is supposed to work. The teachers walked out of the classroom on February 22. Governor Jim Justice agreed to increase their salary by 2 percent. However, the teachers decided that it was not enough.

Governor Justice changed his mind about the raise because he stated that he loved the kids. Several schools in the county announced that they were going to open on March 7, 2018. However, other schools have not stated when they would open.

The missed school days will be made up at the end of the year. Lawmakers have also proposed having the teachers and students make up days during spring break. This is the first time that teachers had a pay increase in four years.

Senator Blair stated that raising the salary is the fiscally-responsible thing to do. Tina Workman is a second-grade teacher who is excited about the raise. However, he stated that he is not putting all of his eggs in one basket. He stated that they were told seven years ago that they were getting a raise.

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