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No Threat Left Unanswered

With the numerous school shootings that have plagued the country in only a few short months, many parents want to know what it’s like inside a school when there is a lockdown. Sometimes, the teachers and the principal of the school don’t know what’s happening until they hear gunshots or are approached by other students with their concerns. At times, students will see messages that classmates post to social media sites about targeting a group in the school or committing some act of violence in general. The messages sometimes offer a detailed description of what the person plans to do in the school while other messages offer few details. Any threat is taken seriously. Police officers are alerted, and the school is usually placed on lockdown. This means that no one enters or exits the building unless they have a valid reason until the lockdown is over. Parents sometimes overreact to these situations, but they are important drills to follow so that students understand what they need to do if there is someone in the school who plans to carry out a violent act.

If the threat is carried out, then teachers and other staff members lock classroom doors and do their best to shield as many students as possible. It is these people who make a difference in the number of students who are killed and those who are injured. No threat is ignored regardless of how juvenile or minimal it might seem. Schools have seen an increase in the number of threats received since the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, but with the help of parents, teachers, and students being alert, those threats might not be carried out.

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