Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Have Been Key Players in InnovaCare’s Success in the Healthcare Industry

Rick Shinto is a figure to reckon in the healthcare industry. His over 20 years in the medical career began as an internist and pulmonologist situated in Southern California. He then worked for MedPartners as the VP tasked with medical management after which he moved to Cal Optimal Health Plan strategically located in Orange County, California as a senior medical officer. Rick Shinto was a CMO and operations manager for Pathways Management Company and later the senior officer responsible for medical management at NAMM California. In 2008, Rick moved to Aveta Inc. where he joined as a management staff and later rose to the rank of the CEO until its sale in 2012. He currently serves as the President of health management giant dubbed InnovaCare, Inc. His exemplary, innovative capabilities were awarded in June 2012 with the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year award. Get Additional Information Here.



Penelope Career


Penelope Kokkinides is highly qualified in innovating clinical programs, and she has a deep knowledge in the management of healthcare programs. She also understands all the operations that relate to successfully running an organization. Penelope boasts of 20 years’ expertise, working with the government programs, Medicare, and Medicaid plan. She worked as a chief management officer at Centerlight HealthCare responsible for the overall running of the managed care division. She had also worked for Touchstone Health as the operations head and the UnitedHealth’s business unit, AmeriChoice, as the corporate VP of the care management and disease management division. She had at one time worked for InnovaCare Health in the post of chief operating officer. Her appointment in June 2015 as the Chief Administrative Officer was her second time to work with the company.


About InnovaCare


InnovaCare Health is a North-American corporation that provides health care services through its two main divisions: Provider Networks & Medicare Advantage Programs. The firm uses technology to come up with highly innovative, sustainable, and affordable healthcare products. InnovaCare Health understands that each customer has their unique needs and thus makes their products with the client in mind. The firm’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize healthcare management while tackling the challenges that affect this industry.


InnovaCare provides two major programs that include PMC Medicare Choice plus the MMM Healthcare. Their clientele base comprises of over 200,000 people who are registered as members. By offering quality plans, the firm’s Medicare Advantage healthcare plan attained the highest accreditation, which was given out by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) back in 2011, becoming the pioneer product to receive that distinction.

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