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Lime Crime’s ‘Blast From The Past’ New Pocket Candy Color Palette

The 90s called, and you’ll never believe what is making its way back into style!

Every little girl remembers their Polly Pocket, mini doll, collection. If you did not have her extravagant Polly Pocket House, or her extremely stylish Polly Pocket Convertible, you almost definitely had the Polly Pocket doll herself.

Though it seemed that most 90s dolls should be left in the 90s, after the mini dolls discontinued many felt as though it was the end of an era.

Now, several years later, the face of Polly Pocket is making a comeback, and in a way you could have never imagined!

Lime Crime proudly presents their new Polly Pocket, inspired, line of Color Palettes. Yes, you read that correctly! Polly Pocket is getting a makeover of the century, and changing the look of makeup in the process!

Lime Crime’s new Pocket Candy Palette brings on the nostalgia of Polly Pocket in full force.

The color palettes are featured in Sugar Plum Pink, Bubblegum Blue, and Pink Lemonade Yellow! Each in a compact palette, containing a glossy mirror, and five full sized ‘supershadows’! The eye and cheek color shadows are said to all work, swimmingly, together, and create a long lasting look, of pure fun, throughout the day.

It should also be noted that the Pocket Candy Palette, along with other makeup products through Lime Crime, are certified vegan and cruelty free!

And best of all, the casing for the new color palette kits are inspired by the signature look of Polly Pocket!

How amazing is that?!

Now, for only thirty-four dollars, everyone can carry around the memories of the little girl they once were in the back of their pocket, without feeling like their actually carrying around the 90s.

For more information on the new Pocket Candy Palette, and how you can purchase your very own, visit Lime Crime’s website at

So, what are you waiting for? Own your own Pocket Candy Palette, today!

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