Recapping Betsy DeVos’ First Year in Office

Betsy DeVos was narrowly approved to become the United States Secretary of Education about one year ago. While many feared that she would spend all her time advocating for school choice, she has tackled many different areas during her first year in office.

The December tax bill did allow parents to set up an educational 529 found. They can then draw out up to $10,000 annually to pay for their child’s education from kindergarten onward. Many say that DeVos’ language has become softer on school choice lately. Popular buzzwords often used by DeVos include blended learning, personalized learning and innovation.

DeVos has spent much of the year trying to work herself out of a job by returning control of schools to state and local authorities. Along with it, she has done much to kill common core, although about 33 required state plans required by law to be filed with her office still have elements of common core in them.

Civil rights have been a hot topic during Betsy DeVos’ first year in office. The administration shied away from issuing a ruling in support of the right of transgender students to use the bathroom identified with their gender. DeVos stepped out to rescind special education rules enacted by the Obama administration that she saw as ineffective. Additionally, she supported due process in the case of college rape.

As in the first few months, many in the education field feel polarized by DeVos’ actions. In fact, more teachers than recently are making decisions to run for public office. In so doing, they hope to continue conversations about many different topics.

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