Tony Petrello and his spirit of giving to the community

Among the prominent philanthropists from Texas, Anthony Petrello is one of them. Anthony Petrello is leading in efforts to construct the first ever neurological research Centre in Texas. He is also involved in other philanthropic activities such as supporting education foundation at the Yale University. Anthony Petrello is leading the largest drilling company in the United States known as Nabors Industries. As the CEO of this company, he is one of the highest executives in the country. In 2014, he was the overall best-paid CEO. This means that he is an influential business leader in the country and also a wealthy individual. With all the wealth he has acquired, he is concerned about the welfare of the people in the country who are less privileged and may not afford the privileges he has.

Tony Petrello has given over $5 million to the Texas Children Hospital to support the development of the first neurological center in the country. This is a Centre that will research treatment of neurological disorders. Tony Petrello is one of the people who would like to see this Centre succeed as he will be a direct beneficiary. His daughter suffers from neurological diseases. He is unable to eat, walk or talk. This disorder has hampered her body’s abilities to carry out functions that involve motion.Anthony Petrello has been to almost every good hospital in the world, but no hospital has a facility that can cure his daughter’s condition. His only hope lies in the success of the Research Centre at the Texas Children Hospital.

If they doctors here manage to make a breakthrough in the treatment of neurological disorders in children, the suffering of thousands of children will have been alleviated. Anthony Petrello is ready and committed to assisting the facility further until treatment is identified. He is in pain watching his daughter who he hoped would have normal growth and maybe become as successful as he is, go through a painful childhood.In the spirit of giving, Anthony Petrello is doing very well with Nabors Industries too. He has created a culture of people assisting each other in the company. Recently, the company played a crucial role in helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. This is a storm that left many people in a state of desperation after their homes were destroyed. There was an urgent need for the community to chip in and help people of Houston and Nabors industries is one of the companies that came through in a big way.

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