Up-close with Dr. Jorge Moll.

His need to help people live a better life is what inspired Jorge Moll to join medical school, Jorge has many titles, he is as a businessman, a neuroscientist, founder and head of D’Or an in institute of research and education.

After joining medical school, Jorge graduated with an MD in neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio located in Brazil. Dr. Moll did not stop there; he also received his residency and later his Experimental Pathophysiology Ph.D. from Sao Paulo University.

An up-close with Jorge Moll revealed the drive behind starting a research institution. From a young age, Jorge has always had the passion for instilling and cultivating education, research skills and healthcare awareness in his country Brazil. This thus contributed significantly to the formation of D’Or institute of research and education which he currently heads.

With such a busy schedule and many responsibilities one would want to know, how does Jorge keep his days fruitful and how does he plan his day? Dr. Moll’s days are mostly occupied with meetings, Jorge is a man of the people as he meets with people from all walks of life; from students, researchers, entrepreneurs that share a common goal and scientists. He believes that for one to grow it is important to share ideas with like-minded people and always be ready to help others.

After all the meetings and the sharing Jorge obviously flows with many ideas, how do his thoughts become a reality? Jorge says after carefully analyzing the ideas he is left with the task to choose the practical ones, ideas that encourage an alliance with other people for the good of all.

As a business person, there are specific skills that one considers crucial to achieving success, Jorge’s productive habits are transparency, and acquiring skills. To upcoming entrepreneurs, Dr. Moll recommends not re-do things over and over, it is essential to change the strategy when looking for new results.

With so much success and titles under his belt is there a failure story? Jorge says when establishing his institution he experienced some setbacks, especially during the analysis and results time. According to Jorge, there are no real solutions to some failures one only needs to pick up and try again.

Jorge Moll is not just a busy man; he is also a family man who values time with his family and ensures they are happy (Facebook). In one of the interviews, Jorge said that one thing he would not regret is doing stuff for his children.

Finally the icing on the cake is one of Jorge’s favorite quote by Da Vinci. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”



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