MB2 Dental Volunteers to Help Jamaicans

Although people in the Western world are accustomed to receiving dental care as part of ordinary life, individuals living in poorer nations are often unable to afford the care they need. MB2 Dental Solutions organized a program in 2017 where qualified dentists were brought together for a mission trip to Jamaica. During the trip, Jamaicans […]... Read More

Florida Legislature Passes Multiple Education Reforms

This week, the Florida Legislature wrapped up voting on a number of new educational reforms within the state. These new laws included expansion of the state’s school choice laws, new regulations for teacher’s unions and several other measures. The most widely reported law had to do with expanding the state’s school voucher program to those […]... Read More

Massachusetts Schools Earn Top Ranking

U.S. News & World Report has released their annual education rankings and Massachusetts has snagged the first-place spot in primary and secondary school education. With a high school graduation rate of more than 88% and high reading and math scores across the board, Massachusetts was judged the best state for students from pre-kindergarten to 12th […]... Read More

Food Scholarships Can Help More People Finish College

It is hard to succeed in college. If you are hungry, then it is even harder to succeed. It is estimated that 50 percent of students at community colleges do not have access to affordable and healthy foods. Campus hunger is one of the things that stops people from finishing college. Food scholarships can help […]... Read More

West Virginia Teachers To Receive A Five Percent Raise

West Virginia Teachers recently ended a nine-day strike. The teachers were on strike because they felt that they were not being compensated fairly. The lawmakers finally agreed to give the teachers a 5 percent pay raise. When the teachers found out that they were getting a raise, they started saying “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” […]... Read More

Ready Player One Posters Take Advantage of Nostalgia

Remember when movie adaptations were not that bad? No? Ready Player One seems to be taking the trend of socially exploitative movie adaptations to a new level. This is, arguably, one of the most blatantly exploitative efforts at nostalgia this year. Warner Bros. is targeting beloved pop-culture icons and utilizing them in their marketing campaign. […]... Read More

Oklahoma Teachers Poised for Strike

Oklahoma’s largest teachers’ union, the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), announced on Wednesday that they are planning to institute a teacher walkout on April 2 if their demands are not met. The teachers are seeking higher pay for educators and other state employees. Unless Oklahoma legislators institute a pay raise by April 1, members of the […]... Read More

Michael Burwell Comfortable At Willis Towers Watson

In August of 2017 there was plenty of excitement afoot at Willis Towers Watson when they announced their new Chief Financial Officer Michael Burwell, and for good reason. With over three decades of experience in the financial sector Burwell brought an almost unbeatable resume to the famed risk management, insurance and advisory company. Not to […]... Read More