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Facebook is Looking to Go More Local

Facebook has pledged to start offering more local content to allow for better community engagement. For those in school or involved with education at any level, this is exciting news indeed.

Part of this effort will involve more local news stories showing up in users’ feeds. Because this action is part of a broader effort to make reputable news sources more visible, one of the effects is likely to be more students finding accurate information when they need to access it.

One of the goals that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, has is to create a greater emphasis on local events and happenings. One very possible outcome of such a move is providing a more relatable context for students of all ages to take a more active interest in local news and community involvement.

A major outcome of greater community involvement is getting involved in community issues that affect all, regardless of politics. With such opportunities available for people to get involved being brought to greater attention, there will be more opportunities for local community service being involved in education.

Many school systems already offer students opportunities to volunteer, such as the program available in New York City. From helping deliver meals to those in need to taking part in fundraising walks, there are a lot of personally fulfilling and engaging opportunities for youth.

With Facebook taking the lead in localizing much of the content shown, people eager for greater involvement in community service options will have greater chances to learn about these options. There are so many students using social media regularly that this is a good way to reach them.

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