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Meet Lime Crime the newest cosmetic company in China

Everything in the U.S. is made in China, so why not get excited when a brand you made is about to hit China with an ever lasting suprise. This is exactly how the creators of Lime Crime feel. Kim Walls the manager at Lime Crime answered different questions. And claims that it would be the easiest to sell there first, and she claims that she can sell the line best in China.

Lime Crime is a vegan based brand which caused some discomfort as they are a wholesale brand that doesn’t test on animals. With a brand being wholesale it is required that the brand tests on animals, which lime crime stands firm in their beliefs and doesn’t test on animals.

Unfortunately as of late Lime Crime has had counterfeit lip make up being sold, and they are definitely tasked with the ever mounting issues of shipping, and transportation issues as well. Walls is still keeping her head up though. Lime Crime was hoping to partner with Revolve Walls seemed it would be easy because Revolve had a target audience about the same as Lime Crime wanted.

Revolve put Lime Crime down on their e-commerce section to prove their company and help promote them as well. It also helped to debunk anyone believing they already had Lime Crime’s make up. Walls said that it’s nice to have someone speaking on their behalf.

This goes to show that even if you have obstacles in your way you can still keep going and achieving your goals no matter how big or how small.

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