How Dr. Mark McKenna Juggles Between Medicine and Entrepreneurship

After a long period of struggle and dedication, Dr. Mark McKenna eventually emerged a winner by completing his medical training at Tulane University Medical School. He specialized in Medicine and Health, which enabled him to get a chance to practice medicine with his father. Based on his genuine credentials, he joined the limited team of the licensed general practitioners in the field of Surgery and Medicine by both Georgia and Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. His success and dedication in what he does in the medical field depict his love for his career.

In a bid to showcase his skills and help the people, Dr. Mark McKenna runs the Shape Medical Wellness Center which stands out at the best medical weight loss clinic that majors with non-surgical methods. Since he does not work alone, he has provided an opportunity for many professionals to work in his center whereby he has a great team of numerous dietitians, physicians, and nutritionists. Moreover, patients are able to access affordable services at his establishment.

Although Dr. Mark McKenna studied as a doctor, this did not stop him from doing what he loves most. His passion for business remained alive, and this drove him to launch McKenna Venture Investments – a real estate development firm as well as a boutique – immediately after the completion of his medical training. Without exhausting from his entrepreneurial efforts, he went ahead to later acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. In 2007, Mark McKenna launched Shapemed, a clear indication that he had not abandoned his medical career for business. However, he went ahead to sell it to Life Time Fitness Inc.

To become a productive person in entrepreneurship, Dr. Mark McKenna spends much of his time reading informative content. Moreover, he believes in the power of setting goals and visualization so as to be able to work with some intentions and deadlines. His growth is also catalyzed by his way of life and the people around him as likes to surround himself with smarter individuals. Being an open-minded person, he recognizes the input of people such as Barack Obama and Elon Musk who have influenced his thinking.

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