The Power Duo of Michel Terpins and His Brother Attain the Seventh Rank in Sertes Rally

With the Sertões Rally came much excitement and anticipation. Both the fans and participants pondered who would be the winner of the race and who be unable to complete this edition. Michel Terpins and his brother along with other teammates took part in this rally, with these results.

The Sertões Rally, 25th edition in July, was attended by Michel Terpins and his brother Rodrigo Terpins. The powerful combination of these two Brazilian rally racers completed the test in 2 hours, and they finished the day while getting the seventh place in their specialized category of Prototypes T1.

The power duo could not win the specials due to this being an exceptionally demanding race where their car in which the navigator, as well as the pilot, escaped injuries during KM 62. While the car was working fine, the issue was the act of overtaking which caused the vehicle to malfunction. Rodrigo Terpins was driving the rally vehicle during the specials.

The Bull Sertões Rally is the nation’s largest off-road tournament and will be held from 19 to 26 August with over 3,300 km as a distance to cover. This edition is an eagerly awaited event for both the participants as well as fans. Michel Terpins and his teammate Rodrigo Terpins are set to arrive at Bonito on 26 August.

With the Bull Sertões Rally, Michel Terpins would complete this tenth participation in this event. Michel Terpins started his career in 2002, with the motorcycle category and then joined his brother a little later. Together as a team for the last four years while displaying excellent navigation skills with T-Rex, the duo is expected to enter much more competition in the upcoming years.

Rodrigo Terpins stated that he was glad to be a part of the 25-year edition with his brother, Michel Terpins as a teammate and together they completed the four-day rally for RN 1500 while proving that the rally vehicle they used performed with excellence. They are now focused on the upcoming rallies where they aim to win and attain more titles with hard work, teamwork, consistency, and determination.

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