USA Education Department Headed By DeVos Reverses University Regulations

For profit universities in the United States have long been a point of debate in the USA education sector because many feel that the tactics used to enroll and get students to agree to rising costs is predatory. Recent developments under the new administration has seen an alarming number of regulations protecting students and consumers reversed, and new rules and proposals being adopted. Many claim that the new rules and regulations only serve to benefit the universities and no longer allow any protections or benefits to students that are currently enrolled or who have already bought into their education.

DeVos’ education department is responsible for the current panels and talks, which though include both parties involved in determining these new rules, are almost entirely led and followed through on the side of the university representatives. Education officials and reformers have pointed out that the education of the nation is at stake, but for profit individuals and parties fill the new administration’s education department and they appear to be rewriting all the new proposals.

The rollbacks to already existing relief plans have also been rolled back, reversing orders and reductions in repayments that were already agreed upon. This change in policies is significant because it changes the outcome of rulings made and settlements that were already established. Now, the same former students will be required to repay the debt that they accrued, and they need to do so on a scale determined by the same panel that is loosening the regulations these universities must now follow.

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