The Abandonment of the American Public School System

The American public school system, while funded like no other nation in the world, is in an extremely poor state of being. With the Republican appointed new U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos cutting funding to the failing system and redirecting focus specifically to the private sector there may be little hope for any real repair in the near future. Since taking office in 2017 the Trump administration has proposed over $9 billion in cuts to the education system in general and while it effects on everyone it impacts the poor of the nation more than anything.

DeVos has criticized the public school system, calling it a dead end, and seems to have little, to no plans at all, to even attempt to fix the issues causing it to be so lacking. She has attack the system and teachers of the public school system, claiming they care more about a system than the actual students they are teaching – which is quite the opposite of what actually is. Public school teachers have proven time and time again that they put priority on individual students than anything.

Despite the negative outlook on the system by the average American, test scores from public schools are higher than they have ever been. Statistics from the past 40+ years prove that student abilities, like reading and writing for example, have risen by almost 5% despite the fact that in the same amount of time the public school system has taken on more challenged students who previously would have been denied access to public schooling due to their physical or mental disabilities.

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