Dr. Mark Mckenna: Businessman, Entrepreneur And Doctor

About Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark Mckenna is both a doctor and an entrepreneur. If you want to learn more about this businessman, then continue to read on. Dr. Mark Mckenna is a surgeon who us licensed in both surgery and medicine by the state board of medical examiners in Georgia and Florida. McKenna is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Mckenna attended and graduated from Tulane University Medical School. After he graduated, he started to practice medicine with his father. At the same time, he launched his company called Mckenna Venture Investments, a real estate development firm. Throughout the years, McKenna acquire and launched Universal Mortgage, as well as Uptown Title, Inc.

McKenna And OVME

In July 2017, McKenna launched a new company called OVME. It is a medical aesthetic company whose goal is to reinvent elective healthcare. With Mckenna heading the company, it’s safe to say that it will do just that.

Social Media

McKenna has a presence on Twitter. He shares various types of content, such as family photos, what he has done in the day and work related stuff. He is an avid user of Twitter, so people can follow him and stay up to date with what he is doing. As for other social media accounts, he is not as active on them as he is on Twitter, which is why Twitter is the best place to follow him.

Personal Life

The doctor is married and together they have a daughter. He also owns a dog, and he is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. In the past, he was on the board of New Orleans Jazz Festival and he was a member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. For those who want to learn more about Dr. Mark McKenna, you can visit his website. Alternatively, you can follow him on social media and more

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