Barbara Stokes: The Innovation Leader of GSH of Alabama

The disaster relief construction industry is considered as one of the toughest playfields to succeed. It is because of the conventional business strategies and processes cannot produce results in the sector due to its complex nature. The industry requirements are not uniform and heavily fluctuating – huge service needs at times, whereas negligible business during a major part of any given year. But, Barbara Stokes reaped success with her Green Structure Homes of Alabama, a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor based in Huntsville. Her vision and innovative thinking helped her to achieve what thought to be impossible for even male executives. She is also credited for proven and inspirational leadership in the highly challenging industry.

Barbara Stokes revamped the company and injected deeper expertise in its services, including designing, building, and delivering along with on-site construction choices in the case of mobile and modular structures throughout the country. Interestingly, the GSH also started giving importance to commercial sector along with residential housing. As the Chief Executive Officer of GSH, she takes care of the overall operations, growth strategies, innovation mission, and regulatory issues with the government. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara understands the need for innovation in the sector as the customers are more demanding in the recent years. She is particular that the housing solutions for the people should be exhibiting the characteristics of environmentally friendly, state of the art technology, energy-efficient, and highly economical to the pockets of the customers. While adding these attributes to the units produced by the firm, Barbara also ensures that the GSH homes are also providing reduced life-cycle costs: for lower maintenance, reduced energy costs, and minimal insurance premiums. She makes sure that the housing units are highly durable – the units show structural integrity against hurricane up to 130 mph. It also withstands other factors such as mold, mildew, pest, and more. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara completed her graduation in Physics and Biomedical Engineering from Mercer University in the year 2001. She also studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing and Management, and Structures and Properties of Materials during those days. It helped her gaining expert knowledge in project management, construction, project engineering, and more. Before joining GSH in 2011, Barbara worked at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She is also known for philanthropic efforts and an active volunteer and contributor in the community of Huntsville.


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