Te Dynamics of the Lucrative Brazil’s Infrastructure Industry, by Felipe Montoro Jens

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil’s government seeks to complete a record-breaking 18 infrastructure auctions in just six months. That’s the impressive news released by the reputable infrastructure investment firm, Investment Partnerships Programs or PPI. The secretary of PPI, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas sounded optimistic at getting the 18 infrastructure auctions completed in the coming four months. Here’s a recap of an interview carried out by Felipe Montoro Jens featuring PPI’s Secretary General, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas in mid-November 2017.

PPI’s Ethics and Integrity

The secretary admits that it will be a tall order and a daunting job to get the 18 projects finished in time for New Year’s Eve, 2018. That fact notwithstanding, Tarcisio makes it absolutely clear that PPI will adhere to the stringent rules and regulations enacted by Brazil’s Congress every step of the tough journey, ahead. The senior executive expects stiff competition from the nation’s existing private developers whom he termed as being overly aggressive and provocative in this article.

Cutting Excessive Red Tape

The ambitious infrastructure auction project seeks to entice new private players to come on-board the government-sponsored concession deals. The problem with Brazil’s modern infrastructure realm lies is that the business operating environment has been hostile to prospective investors. The excessive red tape in the infrastructure niche discourages most investors from sinking their capital in the potential projects available. Those handicaps, are exactly why the historic concession projects run by PPI got founded.

Pro-Business President

PPI envisions a future defined by a friendly and a thriving private infrastructure development scene in Brazil. Another overarching goal of the Investment Partnerships Programs is to cut government interference that has caused a myriad of complications for private infrastructure projects investors in Brazil.

Brazil made a bold and a profound statement to foreign investors with the election of the pro-business President Michel Termer in late 2016. Under Termer’s watch, PPI has been awarded over 40 prime auction projects estimated at R $23B. Click here to read the rest of the interview by the concessions wizard, Felipe Montoro Jens.

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