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Sussex Health Care Is Dedicated To Customized Care Using Qualified Staff And Well-Equipped Facilities

Sussex Health Care is an independent company in the healthcare industry dedicated to providing care centre and support services. The firm has been in operation for more than 50 years, and provides services such as older people, dementia, PMLD, neurological, and palliative care. The company prides itself in providing quality person-centered services.

Services Offered

Older People Care

Sussex Health Care offers homes and staff dedicated to ensuring older people get to enjoy their day-to-day lives while catering to any medical needs that may arise. In the homes, older people get access to active living activities such as quizzes, cookery, handicrafts, art therapy, and reminiscence lessons, among many others. They are also offered therapy sessions in reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. To cater to their nutritional needs, qualified professional chefs trained by the best in the industry are available to not only ensure they get all the nutrients they need, but that they also get to enjoy visually appealing, tasty foods in the company of their peers.

Neurological Care

Sussex Health Care has well-equipped facilities and qualified staff trained to offer neurological care for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Acquired Brain Injury, and others. Specialized care is provided by aroma therapists, reflexologists, language and speech therapists, and physiotherapists. These specialists work together with specialist consultant teams from facilities such as the National Hospital for Neurology in Queens Square and St. Thomas hospitals to meet the unique needs of each patient. To aid in recovery, spas and hydrotherapy pools are available.

Dementia Care

Sussex Health Care recognizes how important family is and the need to offer proper care for those with dementia. The firm offers those with dementia an active lifestyle in facilities designed to maintain comfort and familiarity. To help them remember the past, the firm uses familiar items and memory boxes to jog one’s memory. However, personalized care is the driving force behind each patient’s care.


For those with learning disabilities, Sussex Health Care offers care services either in the company’s facilities or at home if the patient lives near one of the facilities. Profound multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) carecalls for a highly skilled staff and specialized equipment and facilities. Sussex Health Care provides PMLD care patients the opportunity to attend college, gain work experience, and participate in outreach programs. For those with communication difficulties, the firm’s staff is trained in using alternative modes of communication such as specialized computer systems.

New Facility

Sussex Health Care recently launched a new gym facility near Horsham. The gym is equipped with the latest technology and qualified staff trained in providing neurological, respiratory, and musculoskeletal care, among others. Therapeutic services are offered either individually or in a group setting. However, treatment plans are tailored to meet individual needs.

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