Things That Colleges Consider During the Application Process

Are you trying to get into the college that you have been dreaming of? According to the New York Times, here are some things that you should know about getting into your dream college.

First of all, whether you get accepted or not has to do with more than just your grades and who you are. Colleges sometimes consider things like diversity levels and revenue. However, grades and the scores that you got on your tests still have a lot more to do with getting accepted then your personality and your other good traits. However, when colleges have created a list of students with excellent scores, they then go deeper to decide who to accept. At this point, they will consider things such as your personality, your positive traits, how good of a student you are, and more. Colleges want to get to know the real you. They want to know what your passions, dreams, and goals are. So instead of writing a boastful essay, you may want to consider talking about yourself and expressing your deepest dreams, goals, and views on life.

Colleges also consider your life experience. They want to give access to students who have not had the same opportunities as privileged students but still worked hard to get good results. They will consider the kind of high school you went to, the neighborhood you grew up in, the level of income that your family had, whether you are a minority or not, and other things. Diversity is still a major issue for colleges, as they want to be as diverse as possible and give everyone a chance. Of course, colleges still need you to be able to pay your tuition. If you do not have enough to pay your tuition, a college may not accept you.

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