Cutting Edge Medical Platform at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and Nanthealth to provide a new integrated information system – Clinic Pathways which is a cutting-edge, customized Oncology-care platform. This impressive new system provides for the first time eviti, a Nanthealth clinical solution. Clinic Pathways allows access to facility workflows in the Allscripts Electric Health Record (EHR).

Pathways implement the clinical support information system and inform physicians about the cancer treatment procedures without slowing the doctor’s clinical workflow. With the input of hundreds of oncological physicians from around the country, Clinic Pathways is an all-inclusive grouping of crucial cancer data.

This treatment platforms implements:
• Specialized treatment options for patients that include basic health updates and status of cancer.
• Comparisons of different treatment plans that cover information about possible adverse effects and market costs
• Up-to-date medicine manuals that inform about reaction rates and adverse drug and toxicity.
• Collaborating crucial data in real time

Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with Allscripts and Nanhealth has been working on this important platform since 2016 to address the relevance of a doctor and patient’s need for combined information. The goals matched well with Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s philosophy of treating adults suffering from cancer. Based in Boca Rotan Florida, CTCA is a network of 5 hospitals located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s primary goal is treating the whole patient, mentally, physically and emotionally. Doctors and staff believe in the importance of involving the entire family in making important decisions about their treatment options. CTCA is an integrated medical facility that has solutions including surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

The Pathways platform provides an even more effective sharing of information from medical facilities across the United States. This innovative technology helps medicine to have collaborated uniformly among facilities. Clinic Pathways is active at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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