Common Misconceptions About Choosing a College Major

When going to college, many students have trouble choosing their college major. Sometimes, they get advice from friends that is not accurate. Other times, they will switch their major a few times. The truth is that there are many myths about college majors, according to the New York Times.

The first myth is that you have to go into certain majors in order to get a good salary. The truth is that different majors can pay almost as much as a business major or even majors in the STEM field. Another myth is that women are doing better than men in colleges. Although women are the majority of college students these days, many of them are choosing to go into majors that offer lower paying careers. It is not clear as to why they are doing this and what we as a society can do to change this.

Another myth is that it is more important to choose the right major than it is to choose the right college. However, studies have shown that people who graduated from more elite colleges earn more than those who graduated from less elite colleges. This is true even if those who graduated from more elite colleges had a lower paying major than those who graduated from less elite colleges. This is because those who graduate from elite colleges have a better network of acquaintances and connections and can land better jobs even if they have a major that is not as advanced.

Another myth is that liberal arts majors do not bode well for finding jobs. However, the truth is that many liberal arts majors give you great skills that employers in various industries are looking for.

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