Strategies for Improving Education in Public Schools

Everyone believes education is vital and crucial to personal success and social mobility. However, America, one of the countries with excellent higher education, has been criticized for performing poorly in primary and secondary school education as compared to schools from other industrialized countries. Funding for students has been reported to be rising rapidly over the past decade. Recent news reveals that the key to a successful education is mainly to attract good teachers.

It further shows that one of the best methods to attract teachers is to raise the teachers’ salaries. However, this strategy seems to fail because higher incomes go to both good and bad teachers. As a result, bad teachers are given the incentive as the good ones. Another option that is believed to be a success is rigorous screening. Since every state requires teachers to be certified, statistics reveal that higher certification standards set should be replaced with better ones to improve the education standards. Despite the much research in determining the required qualities in teachers, there’s no proper formula for determining the exact qualities that make a good teacher.

Research also reveals that candidates who are aspiring to make good teachers should be tested for their uniqueness and not their ability to help students learn. Additionally, they should be able to inspire students, illuminate issues in productive ways, and build relationships with them. These reasons were reported to be the reason schools are struggling to get good teachers or provide better grades. Further, it was also mentioned that allowing genuine alternatives to certification does not hurt the quality of learning but makes the process of finding better teachers easier. Licensing of teachers in public schools does not only keep unsuited candidates from becoming teachers but also deters candidates that were well-suited.

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