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Onelogin Steps On Adopting European Union General Data Protection Regulation

OneLogin is a cloud computing private company that deals with identity and access management. This firm focuses on selling these products to other establishments and businesses.

OneLogin seeks to make their security and privacy program stronger. The company aims to do this through adopting regulations and frameworks early. One of these regulations is the General Data Protection Regulation by the European Union. However, most entities are still trying to decipher this regulation as it’s still going through regulations. Two years ago OneLogin released some of the overall privacy regulations. In addition to this, the company is working hard on some of the policies which it hopes that it will compete by May 2018 in order for them to be effectively GDPR ready. Some of them include the following:

  1. Privacy frameworks that touch on policies and processes. OneLogin has had a reliable history of adhering to privacy frameworks. Therefore, this part was not that had to follow through. Nevertheless, they had to redraw the data flow and built detailed data map diagrams.
  2. Trust that ensures the company has all the needed certifications for the GDPR.
  3. Data Protection Officer Requirement. The company plans to contract an autonomous legal representative who will ensure that all the European Union requirements are met.
  4. Contract Language: A number of the contract changes that are needed include; utilizing subcontractors, the reliability of data processors applicable to data controllers and data breach notification language. These modifications have already been incorporated by One Login in the relevant documents; however, they are still open to suggestions.

ABOUT OneLogin, Inc:

OneLogin was started in 2009 by Christian Pedersen and Thomas Pedersen. The company’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California. Previously the brothers had been involved with Zendesk and this is when they realized the need for a company like OneLogin.

OneLogin has Open Source SAML Toolkits that are utilized by more than 70 Saas resellers and more than 300 app vendors. Some of the compound cloud applications that integrate with OneLogin include RemedyForce and Workplace by Facebook among others. The company’s objectives are to utilize the IAM system to raise end-user production, protect user access to devices and applications and decrease the time used for offboarding and onboarding.

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