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Nick Vertucci’s Mentorship and Educational Programs for his Community

Nick Vertucci is a role model to many youths. This is through the college that he has set up where he passes knowledge about real estate investment to his students. The Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Academy, has mentored and provided learning opportunities for various youths.

This visionary man struggled his way through workshops and training in local colleges for him to become as successful as he is right now. Following his invitation to a real estate forum by a friend, he got a wakeup call to give real estate a try. For him to heed the call, he attended a variety of workshops and even enrolled to study short courses in real estate.

While pursuing his studies, Nick Vertucci worked as a sales agent for computer spare parts to raise funds for his studies and subsistence. His dedication bore him fruits when he started to set up property businesses. These businesses earned him enough income that would sustain him and his family which is comprised of his wife and three daughters. Besides, he could still save up for the construction of his academy.

At Nick’s Real Estate Academy, he has initiated programs with investors who offer scholarships to his students hence subsidizing their school fees. Apart from scholarships, his academy also provides free workshops which focus on educating people on real estate and even building networks between them and successful investors.

Truly, Nick Real Estate Academy has open doors for many people but majorly investors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about real estate business. A majority of youths have been empowered to work hard regardless of their social statuses. The courses that Nick provides at his school have given many youngsters the opportunity to chase their dreams and become successful people in the society.

However much he motivates and educates people on matters real estate, he is also concerned about the welfare of his investors and upcoming entrepreneurs around him. Because of his heartfelt concerns, he has engineered ways of availing funds for upcoming real estate businesses to help build these firms and their projects. Besides, he also provides investment opportunities for most investors at reasonable business terms and conditions.

In a nutshell, Nick Vertucci has impacted positively on the lives of many business people alongside education of a number of students. All these have earned him enormous success despite the hardships that he endured while nurturing his step to accomplishing success.

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