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Futurist Jason Hope

It is very fitting for a man like Jason Hope to bear the last name that he has. With everything that he has accomplished so far, many people are quick to say that he has and will continue to provide hope for his fellow people for now and towards the future. Jason, unlike a lot of well-known figures, is a jake of all trades and master of them as well. Jason Hope has many titles attached to his name such entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor just to name a few.

Jason Hope has done more for people than can ever be repaid for. He has dedicated his precious time and money with a love for technology and giving back to those who need it most, and those who are helping push forward for the better sake of our nation. To better understand how Jason Hope has managed to become the success of a man he is today, we will look a little closer at his background and how he grew into what he is now, as well as recap an article on how Jason believes the future lies with the internet of things.


Education & Background

Seeing how well-respected Jason is and how he has managed to be a leading cause in so many good things, it is safe to assume that a man like Jason had a very well-rounded and respected educational background. This could not be any more true with the educational background of Jason Hope. Being based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope earned his educational success from the distinguished Arizona State University. This is where he would jumpstart the successful career he has today, and what Jason Hope knows.

At Arizona State University, Jason unsurprisingly earned a Bachelors of Science in finance as well as an MBA in business in the W.P Carey School of Business from the University. Skillwise, Jason would learn to master the skills of business strategy, business development, start-ups, and entrepreneurship. All of which would without a doubt, be of great use to him once he had a career up and going. Needless to say, Arizona State University prepared him well for a very successful career.

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Jason Hope & The Internet of Things

In an article titled “Jason Hope On Smart Tech And The Internet Of Things”, Jason Hope makes it very clear that the future lies in the hands of the internet. As a futurist and tech guru himself, Jason firmly believes that there need to be more leading voices in the tech industry. In addition, Jason believes that when it comes to the evolutionary technology and the main mindset behind the Internet of Things, education needs to preach and teach more on embracing technology and a futuristic future if as a nation we want to change the world for the better.



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