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The Journey To Techstyle’s Success

Two amateurs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, had the right motivation towards the success though they had close to zero knowledge in the fashion industry. The now very successful men and owners of the Techstyle Fashion Group give insights on how the gap they saw in the market led to their success.



Don’s and Adam’s Background:



Don Ressler owned a website known as the that was bought by Intermix Media. Don had been able to raise funds for different online companies. When he sold off his company, he was motivated to join the Fashion industry.



On the other hand, Adam Goldenberg owned Gamers Alliance which he also sold off to Intermix Media. He entered the world of business as a young fellow. Adam then took up a position as the Strategic Planning Vice President at Intermix. He was later promoted to the COO of the company.



Business Relationship:



Don and Adam formed a friendship as they worked together and sooner the relationship advanced to business. Intelligent Beauty was the first company that they formed together. While creating brands they thought about online shopping for their consumers.



They understood that the demand for fashionable clothing was high but consumers were limited on accessibility. They founded JustFab that had a membership option for their clients, it allowed them to get customized clothes monthly. JustFab was re-branded to Techstyle in 2016 allowing the blend of technology and fashion in one. Techstyle is run as on a basis of social improvement through empowering others and improving lives in the type of products they offer. They are focused on providing comfort, style, confidence, and inspiration to women as they are working out. They believe that confidence and health have a big part in growing a healthy society. Techstyle is also focused on philanthropy. They attend and take part in community organized charity events like the Cinderella project event among others.



Growth Strategy:



The duo has shown great potential and growth in their careers and businesses. Techstyle founders can expand and show progress in different levels and areas but they have decided to give this company their full attention. They are determined and driven on expansion into more areas and production of high-quality clothes that look, feel and display greatness when it comes to active wear. They are still keen on the price, they will maintain the affordability of their products. They believe that a person who feels good about themselves is more productive and they intend on keeping up with their empowerment through their brand. They look forward to keeping up with their greatest marketing tool-the internet.

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