Rocketship Education; Aiming At Provision of Quality and Equity in Education

Rocketship Education is a charter group of schools. The first one of this schools was opened ten years ago in San Jose in the state of California. Since then the Rocketship Education has developed exponentially, it has brought many developments to the community. The group of schools is renowned as one of the starters of personalized learning. The school has been at the forefront of combining both technologies and also focused modern methods of ensuring effective education is offered to the students. Through home visits as a strategy of the personalized learning model. This has been a way of making sure that every student gets the best experience and stronger relationship has been established between the school and the home, making the parents to be fully involved in the education of their students.

The education at Rocketship is elementary, and sometimes it’s often tempting to give in to the pressure by parents and also other people for the demand of the K-12 system. It is always a sad goodbye for the Rocketeers to know what to talk about with a girl and to leave at a fifth grade not having a clear picture of what will become of them afterward. However, it comes down to one thing that Rocketship is trying to establish equity in the public education system by stabling a quality way of giving quality education to the students and therefore consequently building the community at long last.

The parent’s involvements are actually important to a great extent as it helps the families to have a political voice and say when it comes to the provision of education which is of high quality. It is also important to note that Rocketship Education does not discriminate the students entering into their systems. At Rocketship, there is no discrimination according to the race, ethnic background or even their social class but there is a lot of fairness accountability and transparency in the intake of students. In addition to that also the school ensures that there is teacher diversity in the school, whereby the teachers have different diverse backgrounds. This makes learning a great experience for the students.

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