Paul Mampilly Shares His Insights On Investing In The Stock Market

Paul Mampilly has proven that he has the ability to predict the stock market and point out the securities that will gain in value. For him, this is not luck but a skill that he has perfected over the years.

Paul spends several hours studying the stock market. To this end, the investor has been able to know the factors that can make or ruin stocks in the various segments of the market. Paul has used these skills to grow the accounts the he manages, thus greatly benefiting his clients. Paul is a former hedge fund manager and the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Competition.

When Paul picks up a stock, he does over 30 hours of solid research on the same. This gives him the opportunity to know the company much better by identify its strengths and weaknesses. He then uses over 20 hours to write a report with recommendations on the stock. Recently, the investor has produced positive recommendations on precision medicine, electric vehicle, and food delivery services.

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According to statistics, millennial constitutes the largest proportion of the living generation. This group has deeply embraced food delivery services, a factor that has enhanced the growth in the industry. Mampilly noted that the high demand for food delivery services has created one of the best investment opportunities. This way, the companies that have invested in this industry will continue to grow fast over the next decades. Innovative services such as Blue Apron and Plated have also wooed the generation.

In addition, Paul Mampilly recommends stocks in the electric vehicles market. According to the financial expert, the auto manufacturing industry is about to experience the same transformation that the cell phone manufacturers enjoyed with the introduction of the iPhone into the market. He notes that the market shares of traditional manufactures such as Chrysler and Ford are bound to shrink as new companies like Tesla gain a larger market share. The public appreciation of the capability of electric cars will cause this market shift.

Paul contends that precision medicine is poised to be the next big things due to the ability of professionals to provide patients with therapies that are customized to their needs. With the passage of time, more people will opt for precision medicine over traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ health care concepts that are currently in use.

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