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A peaceful demonstration has been organized against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on later this week. The rally, hosted by the Colorado Education Association is planned for Wednesday in Denver where the secretary is set to appear on this week. According to this article, on The Hill, Ms. DeVos will be speaking at the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) on Thursday this week. The teachers’ union has planned its protest for Wednesday, a day before Ms. DeVos makes her appearance to make her speech.

The protest is staged against what the union members and teachers view as a plan to dismantle the public institutions which they believe create and support many opportunities for the state’s students, educators and families. These sentiments have borne out of the Secretaries long standing position that the federal government funds alternative education options different from the traditional schooling system. She has also long held that parents should be allowed to seek educational opportunities for their children if the nearby schools are poor. These positions, the protesters argue, undermine the public education system and jeopardize the education goals and opportunities created by these institutions for their students.

Ms. DeVos has, however, been steadfast in her position and believes that those opposed to it are the ones in the wrong. She has previously described them as flat earthers and having chilled imagination. She believes that the current education system has been faulty and has had great negative impacts on American society. To ensure a return to the glory that was associated with American school system, she believes that the current public system should be overhauled, or at least people given options to opt from it for better systems. This, she believes, is a necessity and the federal government should bear the full weight. Ms. DeVos has not made a statement concerning the planned protest.

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