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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg-The Brains Behind Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg make a perfect team for the establishment of successful brands. Adam Goldenberg quit school to develop an advertising site for gaming organizations. Goldenberg later sold his site to Intermix Media. Don Ressler was also involved with Intermix media and this is how the two business oriented youths met. Don had a fitness-focused site that helped many organizations raise capital. Since some of the companies that Don dealt with were apparel companies, he was inspired to venture into fashion. He partnered with Adam and they both established online business ventures that dealt with fashion and beauty.


How Don and Adam Built Their Brands


Don and Adam embarked on building their brands based on pain points and brands. Through research they found out that customers do not like it when they cannot find what they want. Since finding the right size, color, and style of shoes or clothes was time consuming for potential customers, the duo decided to establish personalized online based services. JustFab and TechStyle were huge successes but Fabletics became one of their greatest inventions.


The Birth of Fabletics


Fabletics was derived from t he word Fabulous. Don and Adam used women of all sizes in their advertisements as a way of demonstrating that the company had something for everyone. Members were offered special discounts which was a great incentive for signing up. Fabletics membership further gave women clothing items that suited their individual preferences. Don and Adam partnered with actress Kate Hudson to add more popularity to their athletic line.


Online Shops


With more than 1 million members since its establishment in 2013, the popularity for Fabletics is on an all time high. To meet the high demand for its offers, Fabletics further opened brick and mortar stores all around the country. All the shopping is centered on technology. The company utilizes a five-facet software to guarantee complete customer experience. The software includes a membership system, retail system, personalized styling tools, customer management, and a fulfillment system.


The technology that has been employed for brick and mortar shops is impressively innovative and is beneficial to customers and also to the company. Members are scanned when they go through the store and once they enter, they get recommendations according to their profile to make shopping much efficient and easier. The technology also tracks purchasing trends for Fabletics to be able to analyze. As a result problems like insufficient stock of popular goods or overstocking theĀ  wrong goods are eliminated.

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