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Universal College Admission Test Are Becoming More Universal

The, ACT, which score indicates what a student knows and the SAT, which score indicates what the student is capable of learning is recognized as universal college admission tests. Although some of the most talented students are not taking either of these tests and as pointed out by the New York Times less than a week ago at this trend has recently taken a turn for the better.

There are many obstacles in the way of low income students when considering attending college. There are entry essays, fees, admissions testing, and most of the low income students do not have the resource of a parent who has been through this process before. School counselors deal with a high student to counselor ratios. ACT and SAT fees can be waived for students on the reduced or free lunch program but receiving this waiver takes the assistance of overworked school counselor, who is not always available. Students often choose to skip the test rather than go through the hassle of receiving a financial waiver.

The good news is several schools are now offering ACT and SAT during regular school hours for free. The results are nothing less than amazing. A number of the students who have previously chosen not to take the tests are receiving high scores. Schools are able to easily identify low incomes students with great academic potential. They are then able to match these students with the resources available to them in order to mentor them about their chooses regarding college admission. Low income students who would have not gone to college are now able to attend an elite university or college. This trend is breaking some of the buriers of higher education to low income students. Universal free testing of ACT and SAT can be life changing and should continue to be offered in more states. It has resulting in a greater diversity of students in the regions it has been offered making the true of universal shine.

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