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Renown Health: Reshaping the Medical Industry

With a total of 12 facilities statewide, Renown Health is the leading name in Navada’s health and medical industry. Providing healthcare, clinics and a host of services to the public, the not-for-profit network is set to open a new family practice.The medical network selected the Summit mall located in South Reno as their new location. The new facility is expected to offer the traditional services as well as a few new perks.An on-site laboratory will help increase service and service quality of the company overall. Confrence rooms will be added to ensure profrssionalism and privacy during your visits. Staying true to their roots, Renown Health aims to maintain their well respected comfortable and inviting setting.

The organization possess and upwards of 6,000 experienced doctors, nurses and care providers. Using a host of medical technologies such as x-ray machines, imaging services and the best medical specialties, Renown Health is dedicated to providing indoviduals with a healthier life.As a not-for-profit organization, the company reinvest all earnings back into the organization and locally into the community. Renown Health works exclusively with a variety of elite companies within the health care and medical industry.

Renown’s partners include Standford Healthcare, Standford Children’s Healthcare and Stanford Medicine.The current President of Renown Health hones an impressive 15 years of experience. Known as Dr.Slonim, he has helped reshape the medical industry. With a long list of volunteer work for the Special Olympics and other profoundly established organizations, Dr.Slonin continues to add value to the medical team of Renown Health.


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