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Lime Crime Offers The Tools For Colorful Creative Self-Expression

Lime Crime is a makeup line created by former model, fashion designer and rock musician Doe Deere. The company has been an internet sensation from the start. People love that the brand offers makeup in the brightest, boldest colors imaginable and has the most creative names for its colors. People also love the fact all Lime Crime products are made from vegan ingredients and are never tested on animals and so are cruelty-free. Plus their products encourage freedom of in an industry that generally tries to get people to blend in.


Founded in 2008, this innovative cosmetics line offers lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, rouge, hair dye, glitters, primer and a whole host of other radically colored beauty products. The products enable the wearer to make bold, expressive statements that show their individuality and their inner unicorn. Doe Deere created the cosmetics line when she couldn’t find makeup in colors loud enough for her to be seen on stage with her rock band. The brand has now been embraced by millions of people worldwide determined to make their own loud, colorful statements.


If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, consider the liquid eyeliner, metallic or matte Velvetines lipstick, Venus Palettes eyeshadow, Diamond Crushers

Iridescent Lip Topper, bold, opaque and recklessly bright Unicorn Lipstick, Unicorn hair dye in blazing bright colors, neon bright nail polish and dazzling pop on nails. With Lime Crime cosmetics you can make a loud statement without speaking. The brand is now popping up in boardrooms, business meeting, courts of law, schools and medical centers as highly-skilled professionals now dare to display their colorful inner unicorns.


When you’re ready to let your makeup do the talking and make a blindingly bright but socially conscious statement, this is the only brand of cosmetics you need to wear. Initially Doe Deere made her makeup by hand and shared it only with the select few that visited her online makeup tutorial. Today millions use the products and have turned it into a movement and a symbol of colorful, stylish self-expression. Are you bold enough to join?


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