InnovaCare Health Grows Further Thanks To The Leadership Of Rick Shinto

Healthcare is among sectors that are considered sensitive and vital for the advancement of the people. For this reason, the government has been making every effort to ensure citizens find the best healthcare facilities to support their healthcare needs. One of the measures the government took to make this possible was the development of the Medicare program, which has been embraced by other private institutions. Offering private companies a chance to offer healthcare services through the program supported the improvement of the quality of care since every company came up with unique plans suited to various needs.

InnovaCare Health

One of the companies that joined the program to serve citizens and to help them to achieve their goals, has been offering managed healthcare services to citizens within Puerto Rico. The company is highly preferred due to the good quality of services offered and the affordability that is showcased in all the services that users of various programs receive. InnovaCare Health has been in the industry for a short period and within this time the company has gone through numerous transformations that helped to improve its performance.

For example, the installation of new technological systems allows customers to access services faster and the facility can now serve more customers at the same time. Five years ago, InnovaCare Health held less than 50, 000 Medicare members but today the number is more than 250,000, thanks to good leadership and structural changes that improved services.

Rick Shinto

One of the professionals who have helped to shape InnovaCare Health is Rick Shinto, the CEO and President of the company. Rick Shinto is a medical graduate from State University of New York. He also pursued an MBA at the Redlands University. Rick Shinto has worked with various companies in his career of over 20 years. Some of his previous positions include working with Aveta Inc., as President and CEO between 2008 and 2012. He also worked with other companies like MedPartners and NAMM California. Rick Shinto authored several journals about the healthcare industry offering solutions and suggestions for improvement.

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Penelope Kikkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is an expert in healthcare who has been working with InnovaCare Health since 2015 as the chief administrative officer of the company. She had previously worked as the CEO of InnovaCare Health and Aveta. Penelope Kokkinides has built her successful career in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and she specializes in government programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

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