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An Intellectual Quest to Find the Most Proficient Secretary Of Education for the United States

New brooms, they say, sweep clean and the 45th President of The United States of America, Donald J Trump envisages to be the new broom that the Americans ostensibly deserve. In his quest to sweep clean, Mr. Trump recently appointed a new Secretary for Education, Mrs. Betsy DeVos. This appointment sparked intellectual tantrums across the U.S.A; there erupted a battle of wits regarding the propriety of the appointment of Betsy DeVos as the new Education Secretary.


The appointment of Betsy DeVos has been fervently lauded on one hand and vehemently disproved on the other hand. On the hand that vaunts for the appointment, there is Senator Lamar Alexander who has voiced his support for Betsy DeVos. He portrays Mrs. DeVos as a woman of impeccable character and exceptional personality. He further affirms that that Mrs. DeVos is not an educational extremist and as such she deserves the job.


On the other hand of the spectrum is the camp which opines that appointing Betsy DeVos as the education secretary was not only wrong but also disingenuous. In the critical eyes of this camp, Betsy DeVos jeopardized her credentials of being the education secretary when she blatantly refused to answer questions posed by a conglomerate of elite government officials during her confirmation and hearing.


Other affiliates of the anti-DeVos appointment are a caucus of 1000 Calvin College alumni who have come up strongly to dispute her appointment. The disapproval was set off by the group of alumni signing a letter sharing their reasons for not supporting Betsy DeVos. Among the key deficiencies in Mrs. DeVos’ portfolio were that she was not qualified for the job, she hardly had any experience and commitment to public education. They also pointed out the fact that she never worked in any educational institution as an administrator.


Irrespective of which side of the coin one lies, it is a matter of fact that the appointment of the Education Secretary of the United States of America is a delicate issue that must be dealt with meticulously. It is an issue that touches on the futures of many and prosperity can only be attained mutatis mutandis.



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