Cone Marshall, Ltd. Sets the Standard for NZ Taxation Transparency

Companies in need of international trust and tax planning expertise understand that the firm, Cone Marshall, Ltd. is the leading company in New Zealand to handle such matters. Furthermore, the skill and knowledge required to navigate the legal landscape of taxes and international trust must be handled by professionals who understand the complexity of the law. Only experts in their respective fields can successfully articulate to their clients the necessary steps that will lead to an amicable and profitable outcome.

Geoffrey Cone, the founder of Cone Marshall, Ltd. is just such an individual. Mr. Cone and his firm is uniquely qualified to handle matters for international families and their advisors, by assisting in the creation of New Zealand trusts, partnerships, as well as companies. Also, Cone Marshall, Ltd. is determinedly committed to providing effective global wealth planning advice, together with a broad range of services to attorneys, family advisors, private banks, trustees, and other institutions located outside of New Zealand.

In his article titled, “NZ a Model of Tax Transparency”, Mr. Cone concisely puts the idea of taxation in proper perspective. That is, regardless of how hard the media tries to convince us that New Zealand trusts “are like a sexy airport thriller involving exotic lands…”, he describes tax as “a bit more mundane.” This is a testament to his seriousness and no-nonsense approach to taxation. In his article he “cuts to the chase” and directly states that New Zealand is not a tax haven, which is apparently a misnomer by many. To further drive home his point, he also states that “the OECD maintains a list of tax havens and New Zealand does not, has never, and is unlikely ever to feature on it.” I think this statement should put an end to any more speculation about whether or not New Zealand is a tax haven, regardless of what the media has to say about it. For the record, New Zealand is a leader in tax transparency in matters of handling foreign trusts, and is recognized as such by the OECD, and was whitelisted for having “substantially implemented” the internationally agreed tax standard.

As you can see, Cone Marshall, Ltd. is a very reputable and trustworthy company worthy of the accolades bestowed upon it. However, success at this level doesn’t happen by chance. As with any successful company that endures the test of time, the individuals at the core of the business are responsible for its success and longevity. One individual in particular is Karen Marshall. Since 2005, Ms. Marshall has been a major contributor to the company’s success, as evidenced by her extensive experience in law, which qualifies her standing with the company as a principal since April of 2006, only one year after starting with the firm.

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